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$Goku Development Timeline: Feb 24, 2024 - PinkSale launch Feb 26, 2024 - Initial Release March 8, 2024 - The passing of Akira Toriyama causes a surge of growth in the market. Developer returns to project to cash out and peddle off AI Generated useless NFT's. All while locking chats, alienating and ignoring the community. As a result, a small movement is born from Goku fanboy whales! March 9, 2024 - The project crashes as a result of the original developers actions. The Goku fanboy whales set up a telegram channel and start seeking ways of directing the community over. As the stars align, the original feed opens up a video chat by mistake from one of the original developers. The community erupts with excitments and joins this chat for the couple hours it was available unmoderated. We build the Community Adoption Program! Developers signs on and notices one of his team left a chat open, he immediatly closes it and leaves posts on the feed talking about it! March 10, 2024 - The Goku Fanboy Whale Group establishes the new system based off of the communities wants and needs. Immediately receiving a huge response of support! Establishing the website, socials and more! March 12, 2024 - After a huge amount of effort! We conquored mountains! DexTools and DEX Screener update the feeds and support our mission! Original Developer gives up the project until he sees the information changed and the charts growing. He decides to try scamming the community one last time and changing back the information. He is met with resistance on all fronts as the providors want to support the community, but are held down by policy. March 12 - 2024 The community wins! DEX Screener, as a show of support funds a community DAO vote through to give the community the ability to take over the project entirely! Not only that, they are working hard to find a solution to place in new policies for this new event horizon! Further updates will be demonstrated through our DragonSol Z Series as well as pinned on our Telegram. Stay Tuned!



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